Rockford City Market Parking Deck Demolition and Re-Development – Rockford, IL

Demolition of +-17,000 sf multi-story parking structure and redevelopment of the site.

- Demolition and concrete removal of a multi-story parking deck. All demolition was performed using Northern Illinois Service owned specialty equipment consisting of excavators with hydraulic hammers and pulverizers. All removed concrete was hauled to a Northern Illinois Service owned and operated concrete recycling facility and crushed to re-usable product.

- Construction / installation of +- 1,000 LF of new storm drains, canopy drains, and water services for City Market vendors.

- Construction of new parking / City Market vendor area including segmental block retaining walls, and decorative stamped concrete columns for overhead canopy.

- The project was safely completed in a heavy traffic setting in an urban area and directly adjacent to an active railroad