At NISC we take pride in having one of the most modern and expansive fleets of equipment in the area. We have a diverse fleet of equipment; not only do we have many different types of equipment, but we have many sizes of each type, allowing us to be as efficient as possible. We strive to have equipment with the latest technological advancements and the use of GPS automated equipment is very important to us. We began using GPS for grade checking and layout in 2005 and purchased our first machine control system for a scraper in 2007. Since the purchase of our first machine control system, we have aggressively purchased systems for as much of our equipment as possible. We are now able to run indicate-only systems on excavators and scrapers, automatic systems on dozers, motor graders, and skid loaders. We have also begun to add excavators with automatic systems. The use of GPS automated equipment helps us perform the highest quality work, in strict accordance with the plans and specifications, at the most efficient rate possible. GPS has helped us eliminate wait time for survey stakes, grade checking, and the need to move dirt more than once. These efficiencies result in overall cost savings to project owners.

Our fleet of equipment is maintained by two full time mechanics. We use a mobile service truck for preventative maintenance and for equipment repairs, ensuring that if a piece of equipment needs repair it is done quickly. We have a 55 ton lowboy and numerous equipment hauling flatbed trucks that allow us to move equipment to, and from, jobs at a moment’s notice.